Jamie – Natural Number 5

The Power of Knowing Your Natural Number
Jamie Hawley’s Story

Juggling a career, motherhood, and a social life is hard work. Fortunately, Jamie Hawley has a superpower, and importantly, she knows it.

Identification and its Impact

Her experiences with Body of 9 began in August of 2019 at a company retreat, where Susan and Martin were invited to identify all of the employees. She connected with the work immediately, despite her surprise with the results. She’d expected to be a 6, the same number as her Enneatype, but the explanation offered by Martin Fisher, a fellow Natural Number 5, who was there with his wife Susan FIsher facilitating the event, hit her right in the heart.

“Everything made sense and clicked together,” she recalls. Body of 9’s explanation told her about more than her personality, her fears, or weaknesses she might encounter; it told her about the talents she could use to empower herself and those around her. It gave her guidance and direction she had never felt before, providing both self-validation and a path for future growth. In the year since, she has been able to use her knowledge of her Natural Number in every area of her life.

Tapping the Natural Number 5 Strength

One such moment, perhaps the most impactful, came not long after the retreat, on the day her daughter was born. Having already withstood the initial hours and pains of labor, the time had finally come; the doctor told her to lay back and start pushing. She followed the instructions; however, to her frustration, she seemed to be making no progress. Something about the alignment didn’t feel right.

Then Jamie remembered that she was a Natural Number 5—the region of her body that guided her motion and her strength was the back and crown of her head. As she’d been taught in identification, she straightened her head upward, summoned her power, and pushed again. The response was immediate. “Whatever you just did,” the doctor said, “do it again.”

Impact on Relationships

Motherhood isn’t the only place Jamie has used her talents. In her relationships, she has found she can communicate better with friends, family, and colleagues alike. This comes from both her awareness of herself and her awareness of the Body of 9 system; knowing that there are nine different viewpoints that can be held by the people around her has helped her better understand her loved ones, even in difficult moments. “I am able to honor others opinions, and help them be successful in what they’re doing. That’s part of the power that I hold as a Natural Number 5” she reflects.

She has also learned to trust in the Natural Number 5’s gift for anticipating the needs of others. This talent has been invaluable, especially at work when helping her coworkers, bosses, and team. Jamie also uses her exceptional awareness in fostering group cohesion throughout a project, all while holding the big picture of the end goal in sharp clarity. She knows that, “Everyone has a different Natural Number and role; all nine viewpoints make the world come together.”

She acknowledges that sometimes, the ability to anticipate needs and results has its downsides. “You also anticipate the bad outcomes, and that can be hard,” she says. Other NN5s have echoed this sentiment; some also struggle with the reality that the other Natural Numbers are not as skilled at anticipating their needs in turn. But Jamie knows that when such problems begin to overwhelm her, she can straighten her head, activate her Natural Number 5, and call on her innate strength that comes from the activation of her Natural Number 5 region.

“Body of 9 has helped me understand how I perform at my best.” The impact in her life has been profound, and it is something she tries to share with those around her. She believes that anyone looking to grow in their career and personal development, wanting to better their relationships and communication, or simply seeking self-validation should consider having their Natural Number identified.

Parenting a Natural Number 7

As Jamie’s daughter has grown, it has become evident that she is very activated in the third eye region, Natural Number 7. Susan Fisher has been coaching Jamie on how best to support her NN7 daughter. Susan’s best advice is to let her explore, keep her safe, know that she will push boundaries and be curious.  Jamie is excited to see how her daughter develops, and super grateful for the understanding of how to support her on the journey of growing up with the knowledge of her Natural Number.

Jamie told us a story about how her daughter put her third eye on the ground and brought her legs forward so her bottom raised in the air, then tried to lift her head in the air to get to standing.  Susan also has a NN7 daughter and had recounted how her daughter has used the same method for learning to walk. Jamie was incredulous when she saw her daughter do just what Susan had described about her daughter. For Jamie this underscored the lesson that children need to be supported in their strength, and learn to use it naturally as they learn to function in the world. Who could imagine that a kid would need to use their forehead to learn to walk?

Jamie Hawley has a superpower. Everyone does. Knowing can be the difference. 

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