Interview: Joni Russell talks about Natural Number 6

Joni Russell Natural Number 6

Joni Russell found out her Natural Number in 2006.  She has found it to be incredibly impactful in her life, inviting her to follow her life’s purpose and pursue her interest in art and creation. In this audio interview Joni shares the impact of knowing her Natural Number and the support it has given her to follow her own path. Listen to the interview is pieces or the whole interview at once at the end of the post.

1 How Did You Find Out About Your NE

2 How Has Knowing Your NE Helped

3 Consciously Using Your NE

4 Knowing NE In The Past

5 Talking To Others About Your NE

6 Important For People To Know About NE6

7 What Is Your World Like

8 Skills And Gifts Of NE6

9 Spacing Oneself In A Group

10 Other Important Things About NE6

11 Experience Of Knowing Your Type

Joni shares a special relationship with her Natural Number 5 grandson Mikey.

She takes him out on adventures, showing him the world, expanding the map and helping him to see the fun and beauty of the world. By giving Mikey this world view it will help him be confident as he steps out to explore on his own. You can see the special bond they have:


Joni nE 6 and Mikey NE5 love
Joni NE6 with Gandson NE5
Joni NE6 magic moment with NE5 grandson

Butterfly Watrecolor by Joni Russell.To see Joni’s beautiful work on Etsy, click here 

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