Lessons from the Cranes

Cranes Flying inthe sky

Photo via Good Free PhotosLessons from the Cranes


By Susan Bennett Fisher, May 14, 2023

Sitting in my hot tub this mother’s day after an amazing healing massage I spied a community of cranes. Together they had found a thermal updraft and were circling high into the sky. As my spirits rose with them, and I watched as they ascended into the clouds, the messages began to swirl down into my being.

They were clearly a community, riding together on the power of the energy from the wind and the heat. Yet each was on their own path. Occasionally one would stray a bit off the main draft and have to work a little harder to regroup. There were sub-groups, 3 riding in unison, drafting each other, easing the journey, resting in their momentary synchronization. Two, clearly paired, kept each other on the path.  One was the leader, the one who found the path and ascended first, then lead the community to another thermal to rise even higher. When they flew into the wind, looking for the second thermal to ease the journey, they tightened the formation and followed the leader more closely until they found the next updraft.

Again they rose – the groupings shifting, some spreading out and flying on their own, new pairs and triads formed. Until they almost touched the clouds. I lost view of one of the as it disappeared. I was not sure where it went, but I was confident it would regroup.  And moments later I could see it flapping it’s wings to rejoin the community. When they all reached the bottom of the clouds they aligned in the direction of the wind and sailed off into the horizon as one, their long silhouette’s dwarfed from the height.

It was a beautiful reminder of what it means to be part of a community or a family, to use the energy freely present to move from one place to another, from the ground to the sky. When working together, in concert with what is, we can redirect on a whole new path, create an entirely new perspective and accelerate the change.

That is what both my family and our Body of 9 community feel like to me. We are all completely unique and individual working our path, yet part of the whole, moving toward a greater goal together.  It ebbs and flows, changes direction so fluidly, with occasional effort, rearrangement, but always in connection and support.

I am so grateful on this mother’s day to be a mother to my family and the steward of Body of 9, and to sometimes be the leader, sometimes go astray, sometimes join a pair or make a triad, for it is on the journey with community that something new and beautiful happens.

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