How the Natural Number Colors were Identified and Assigned

Body of 9 Logo
This was our second logo for Body of 9. It was based on three equilateral triangles overlayed on one another and rotated equally. These triangles represent how the energies are arranged triangularly in the body – 1/4/7, 3/6/9 2/5/8.
The seven Chakras have seven colors. Starting with the primary rainbow colors, Body of 9 discovered, based on mathematical progression, that green is actually the color for AE 9 and cyan for AE 3, and AE 6 is a combination of green and cyan, a blue green.
Relationship of the solfeggio frequencies
We also were inspired by this image that shows the relationships to frequencies. There are three triangles, relating the number 1/4/7, 3/6/9, 2/5/8.   Each of the nine combinations of the three numbers are derived by starting each series at one of each apex of the 1/4/7 triangle, and as they rotate around the circle,  one is added to each of the three numbers in the sequence. Look carefully at the image to see the progression of the numbers.  This initiated our research into how these number progressions and frequencies relate to Body of 9.

To determine what the colors corresponded to which energy we started with the Rainbow colors:
8 Red: #FF0000
4 Orange: #FF7F00
2 Yellow: #FFFF00
6 Green: #00FF00
1 Blue: #0000FF
7 Indigo: #4B0082
5 Violet: #8F00FF

We looked at the relationship of the numerical values were used to generate the triads that we know: red, orange, yellow. Then we used that mathematical progression to find the blue-green and cyan for 6 and 3, and to adjust the indigo and violet. We assigned Green to 9 as it is lower in the body as are 8 and 1.

8: #FF0000 (255,0,0)
4: #FF7F00 (255,127,0)
2: #FFFF00 (255,255,0)

9: #00FF00 (0,255,0)
6: #00FF7F (0,255,127)
3: #00FFFF(0,255,255)

1: #0000FF (0,0,255)
7: #7F00FF (127,0,255)
5: #FF00FF (255,0,255)

The green color for AE 9 effectively masks the cyan, AE 3 and blue green, AE 6, which might explain why AE 3 and AE 6 are not seen separately in the rainbow and become combined into one Chakra in the seven Chakra system.

We started with 1, blue, at the top and rotate around 1-9.  The circle that contains the 9 points symbolizes what they all create together.

Body of 9 Square with Trademark symbol Our new logo is a simpler variant, with a slight change of colors for aesthetic and readability reasons.

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