Natural Number 1 – Relationship to Source

Natural Number 1 Posture of Activation Natural Number 1′s stretch the back of the neck upward which enables them to slightly raise the chin, the muscle under the chin becomes taught, the eyebrows raise up and back. Once the throat is active they begin to bring source energy into the world, the eyes soften to strengthen and activate the connection to source energy, if making eye contact with another, the receptive and vulnerable eye contact creates a heartfelt connection connecting each to the other and to source creating a sense of wellbeing, beauty, honoring and a profound feeling that we will be ok.

Natural Number 1 – Relationship to Source

Energy Center: Top of Throat

People with Natural Number 1 (NE1) initiate their movement from the top of the throat. Natural Number 1’s focus on the top of the throat, stretching the back of the neck upward, and slightly raising the chin without compressing the back of the neck, a slight tension in the top of the throat is created, and the eyes soften to activate the connection to source energy. There is a small muscle on the underside of the chin, this muscle tightens as NE1 activates. With soft receptive eyes a person with Natural Number 1 takes in the person in front of them and helps them to feel connected to source or spirit energy. Each person engaged in the exchange begins to feel and honor the beauty and vulnerability of the person in front of them.

Natural Number 1 enables the person to feel their connection to something larger than themselves (source, god, a higher power, nature, energy, whatever word a person uses to describe this). When in connection with NE1 people become more aware of the source energy that flows through people into the world. It allows you to feel a person in your heart. The source level energy is utterly beautiful, this is “seeing the beauty”, as you become aware of this energy, everything becomes very beautiful, the feeling of awe and wonder fills your being for wherever or whoever receives your attention.

This ability to help others feel and see the beauty of the person in front of them and the world around them helps people to know they are part of something bigger. It creates a starting place, once connected to source or spirit energy humanity is ready to move and change from a place of honoring and equality.

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Expression of Activation:

The expression of activation of NE1 includes a slightly raised chin, active open throat, soft receptive eyes.

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