Pennie Blythe NE7 says this about Body of 9

Penni Blythe Natural Number 7Penni Blythe NE7 talks about the power of knowing her Natural Number and the support she gets from Body of 9:

“I have known my Natural Number for over 15 years. Discovering this in and of me was one of the most seminal moments of my life and has impacted me, my living and being ever since. There are few days that go by without me being conscious about how this knowledge sits in me. When I am able to feel the full connection of this it enables me to engage more fully in the world, brings me an incredible sense of peace and possibility

Body of 9, through their work, social media sites and writing are and invaluable resource in:
helping me to understand my particular Natural Number
expanding the conversation and understanding about that particular Natural Number
giving me continuing insight into the other Natural Numbers and how we an connect from and with our unique gifts

There is a commitment and rigour that Body of 9 bring to the range of their work that is powerful to see. With a specific concern for how knowing their Natural Number can be powerful for young people their regular ‘in person’ workshops and evenings have built a safe, empowering environment

Their writing comes from a place of deep enquiry and willingness to listen to those they have introduced to their individual Natural Number. Coupled with their own visceral understanding and practice this makes their materials, resources and teaching grounded and inspiring”

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