Apprentice Annual Subscription

$120.00 / Year

You are working on understanding yourself and others more deeply. You are moving your awareness of yourself, your gifts, and your skills to a place of wholeness and conscious choice. You are working on understanding your nature vs nurture and allowing your nature to lead you in your actions and beliefs.


  • Discord Guild Membership 
  • Monthly Guild meetings 
  • Weekly Natural Number Practicing & Learning meetings 
  • Guild Member Dashboard 
  • Observation at Body of 9 Events: Identifications, fairs, conferences, and workshops 
  • Educational material on your Natural Number and the other 8 Natural Number
  • Course material to guide you as you learn about the Body of 9
  • Discounts on Professional programs offered by Guild Members
  • Website listing of information provided by you that meets the Body of 9 guidelines 
  • Co-marketing of any approved offerings that include Body of 9

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Enroll in the Body of 9Ò Guild Dashboard
  • Learn basic skills, take the self-paced courses and introduce yourself to Body of 9Ò.
  • Maintain all personal information on the Guild Dashboard
  • Register for all events that you attend.

Criteria for Advancement:

  • Completion of the above requirements.
  • Demonstrated ability to hold onto your center, and recover from any emotional triggers using Body of 9Ò skills at all Body of 9 events.
  • Demonstrated understanding of Body of 9Ò, it’s value and power.
  • Demonstrated ability to accurately describe Body of 9Ò .
  • Demonstrated ability to activate your Natural Number at will.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in teaching your own Natural Number activation and posture to others.