Journeyman Monthly Subscription

$200.00 / month

You are learning the skills of Activation and Identification and basic presentation of Body of 9. You are actively participating in scheduled events as an observer, identifier, and in other roles. You are referring people to Body of 9. You are exploring ways of integrating Body of 9 into your daily life and profession.


  • Participation at Body of 9 Events at your level of ability: including Identifications, fairs, conferences, and workshops
  • All Paid Body of 9 educational material and workshops.
  • Mentorship from Masters
  • Journeyman Guild Level access to dashboard
  • Identification training
  • CEUs for hours logged in Body of 9 Training in Montana. It is up to you to determine if your professional certifier accepts Body of 9 CEUs

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Participating in 12 hours per month
  • Participating in 1-2 in-person official Body of 9 training events per year (2-4 days).
  • Inviting at least 5 people to learn about or attend a Body of 9 event per month.
  • Supporting people who have been identified after their Identification Experience.
  • Recording all Identification and registration information in Guild Dashboard
  • Mentoring Guild members junior to you

Criteria for Advancement:

  • Demonstration of verbal competency in describing and talking with people of all nine Natural Numbers.
  • Demonstration of the ability to activate all nine Natural Numbers on demand in your body without assistance.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of all proper postures for all nine Natural Numbers, both for self and for others.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in teaching all nine Natural Number activations and postures to others.
  • Demonstrated ability to identify with assistance and supervision with an 85% accuracy rate in your Identification skills over time in your practice events.
  • Understanding the power and usefulness of your Natural Number in the Transformational flow.