Practicing Partner Membership 270

$270.00 / month

We teach you how to describe, activate, support, and ultimately identify each of the Natural Numbers and certify that your can do this adequately to support your clients without our supervision or assistance. There are certification levels the reflect you achievement. This program includes all Body of 9 events, supervision, and materials for you to become fully qualified.

This program includes the following:

Practicing Partner monthly zoom calls
Local Study groups in -person in Montana, observable over zoom for Practicing Partners in remote locations
Monthly Partner Team Calls on Zoom
Practicing Partner can observe or assist at all Fundamentals Trainings
Identification Event Observation - Practicing Partners may attend and observe both online and in-person Identification Events
Revenue Sharing on group events
Dashboard and marketing resources
Group Event creation collaboration

Prerequisites: 1) Be an active member of our Partner Program and 2) have registered for either Fundamentals of Body of 9 or Fundamentals of Activation