Universal Transformation Process Online Series


The Universal Transformation Process is a natural sequence that, when followed, creates powerful, whole and impactful results. It can be applied to almost anything, a process, an idea, a project, a group, or a problem. This course will teach and train you to facilitate this flow.

This course consists of six Zoom class sessions at Monday at 2 p.m. MDT beginning on April 8th, 2024.
This is a one-time-only LIVE series taught by Susan and Martin.
Replays of each class session will be available to course participants.

The following dates are the scheduled session times for this course:

  • April 8th at 2pm MDT
  • April 15th at 2pm MDT
  • April 22nd at 2pm MDT
  • April 29th at 2pm MDT
  • May 13th at 2pm MDT
  • May 20th at 2pm MDT

NOTE: To accommodate our Body of 9 Guild Gathering call, the class will NOT be held for the Universal Transformation Process Series on May 6th. Instead the 2 p.m MDT hour will be focused on the Body of 9 Guild Gathering. You are invited to attend!

To execute the Universal Transformation Process, you do not need to know your Natural Number or the Natural Number of people in the group. You do need to understand the impact, importance, and significant contribution of each of the nine sets of skills and strengths. It is also exponentially more dynamic and transformational when you do know the groups’ Natural Numbers, and when all nine Natural Numbers are represented in the group executing the flow.  When you consciously move through the phases in the order presented, you touch each part of the natural flow of transformation. The results are surprising, fun, and satisfying. When the wisdom of each of the nine Natural Numbers is brought in at the right sequence, it is easier to for all to hear, understand and integrate.