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Robin Owens

Robin Owens

Ph.D., CEO & Founder of MASTERFUL Courses Creations

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Robin L. Owens, Ph.D., is the founder & CEO of MASTERFUL Course Creations, LLC. She is also an author,
speaker, and college professor. Outside of the college classroom, Robin helps speakers, consultants, and
trainers turn their books into Masterful courses. She is the host of the popular podcast “Leadership
Purpose with Dr. Robin.” Also, she is the author of two upcoming books – (1) How to Monetize Your Book
with Courses,” and (2) “Making Purpose-Based Decisions: An Inspirational Guide to More Meaning and
When she is not working, she is walking in the park, laughing with friends, or delighting over the fact
that she convinced her nieces and nephews that she is the cool aunt.

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