Safrianna Lughna

Safrianna Lughna

Queer-Spirit Guide and Mentor for Visionary Leaders & Creatives, LCPC, MS

Body of 9 Journeyman

Natural Number 9

Safrianna specializes in helping those who have felt “Othered” bridge the gap between trauma and triumph so that they can live authentically aligned and joyful lives. She is also known as the Queer-Spirit Guide, and works best with fellow queer people, polyamorous individuals, visionaries, as well as small business owners with invisible chronic conditions.

In addition to her highly specialized individual services, she offers consulting for businesses that are seeking diversity and inclusion education, especially around the LGBTQIA+ community. Safrianna hosts a variety of events through her membership programs, complimentary workshops, and personalized retreats and rituals.

Alongside Ikenna Lughna, she co-founded Living LUNA: a brand centered around Loving Unashamed & Nurturing Authenticity, and “Uplifting the Others” of the world. After spending over two decades between careers as a public educator and licensed trauma therapist, she learned she had Natural Number 9. Activating the full power of her Natural Number 9 helped her uncover her inherent gifts as a Quantum Creatrix, intuitive healer, visionary leader, and Divine channel.

Deepening her relationship to Natural Number 9 and learning to activate the other 8 Natural Numbers in her body led her to create her own transformational magic coaching services for fellow visionaries, those reclaiming a full life after trauma, Starseeds, and Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). Safrianna has brought healing to thousands of people through her podcasts, courses, individual services, and both in-person and online rituals.

Safrianna is an international best-selling author, educator, and advocate for LGBTQIA+ and polyamorous rights. When she is not hosting healing events or teaching, she can be found playing games with her polycule, petting one of her many cat children, or stretching her multi-passionate creator’s wings. She is 420-friendly and informed.

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