Spiritual Growth Requires Being Open to New Ideas

Martin FisherIn my conversations of a spiritual nature with folk about spiritual growth, I come across at least four different viewpoints. There are those who aren’t looking, and never were, there are those who were looking and have found their answer so have stopped looking, there are those who have not found any answer yet even though they are searching, and there are those that have found answers but keep looking.

I suggest that if you’ve been looking and have found your answer but have stopped looking outside, perhaps you stopped too soon? I don’t believe any of us have all the answers, perhaps some people have enough to be satisfied.

This blog is not a place to find all the answers, but is a place to add some different perspectives to what you have already found. The Body of 9 affect every discipline, every approach. Knowledge of the 9 add to our understandings, perhaps even help to make sense of some parts of the unknowable.

Anything that this community can add to your knowledge, any of your knowledge that can be added to this community is of value.

If we stop accepting new ideas we wither, just as a plant that stops accepting nutrients will wither.


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