Tessa – Natural Number 6

walker family 7-1-8-6-3-6-9

Walker family Natural Number, left to right: 7,1,8,6,3,6,9

“I met Susan at a lunch-and-learn and was intrigued by the Body of 9. When she mentioned that she offers no-cost Natural Number Identification for individuals and families, I knew it would be the perfect activity for my in-laws during their annual summer visit.

We were a group of 7: Me, my husband, his parents, and his brother, sister, and brother-in-law.

Susan took turns identifying each of our natural energies through a series of postures and movements, then explained how each energy operates and thrives and from where their energy is focused.

It was fascinating to see the different energies expressed in each family member, and it also explained so much about different people in the family and their personalities.

As a family, we learned ways to understand how other family members operate which allowed us to find ways to support each other.

For my brother-in-law and father-in-law, that means giving them eye contact. For my other brother-in-law, it means asking him about his ideas and listening to his answers. My mother-in-law and I have the same Natural Number, and our family members have recognized when we’re feeling overwhelmed by our body postures and remind us to operate from our power source. And for my husband, understanding his tendency to ‘shepherd’ the crowd stems from his ability to sense the interconnectedness of everything and bring completeness.

The identification of our natural energies has been a huge topic of conversation, understanding, and support for my husband’s family. Susan gifted us invaluable information that we will continue to use for our personal and familial development.”

Tessa – Natural Number 6

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