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Tonya Lessley

Tonya Lessley

Photographer & Fashion Artist

Body of 9 Apprentice

Natural Number 2

My name is Tonya Lessley.  I am a wanderer. an observer of moments. A seeker of Light. Photographer of all things beautiful. Failure of normalcy. Day Dreamer Extraordinaire. I am a Natural Number 2.

One of the best tools I have used to gain a better understanding and embrace accepting others in life is Body of 9. I met Susan Bennet Fisher several years ago. Susan was able to identify and define parts of me and those around me, that I desired to better understand. Body of 9 teaches tools that have been around for thousands of years, they have been honed and rephrased into an applicable context that we can better utilize and apply in our modern world. I have been able to better understand my husband and children as I can better comprehend the vantage point from which they are approaching experiences. Our relationships are at ease and in full support of each other, this has continued as some of our children have progressed through their teen years and into adulthood. We can walk alongside each other in a way that fortifies the other direction. The understanding doesn’t stop here, it applies to every interaction with each person I encounter. The context for my path in life has been put at ease because I better understand how to pursue purpose and that it is profoundly individualized. I can approach relationships from an unassuming position with true intent to understand. With understanding, I am able to fully support in the way that an individual needs support, not in the way that I intend. In the real world, intentions are not fruitful or giving, they are the way in which we claim we were “trying,” when our actions fall short.

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