What do you see that you wish you didn’t?

“What do you see that you wish you didn’t?”

This prompt came across my text messages today and really hit the mark about what I have been thinking about lately. I have been a student of transformation and a perpetual seeker. I am proud of myself at this point in my life for the work I have done and the transformations I have experienced.

I have pretty high expectations for myself, and as a teacher of transformation I still inflict some self-suffering, especially when I ask myself the question; Have I truly evolved from the work that I have done and the experiences with Body of 9 that I have had?

Then I go back to the prompt, “What do I see that I wish I didn’t?” And realize that this is the biggest place of struggle for me. Over twenty years ago, in finding out my Natural Number, I recognized and accepted that the research and introduction of the nine Natural Numbers, the Body of 9 to the world is my life’s work. As a result I have to continually face this question, and it’s answer and the implications of this for all of us.

The answer to the question of what I wish I didn’t see is this:

It has become clear to me over the course of the last 20 years that unless we learn about and embrace the understanding and differences of our bodies as presented in the work of Body of 9 our ability to heal ourselves, assist others, understand what is happening, escape self-suffering and live a purposeful impactful life is limited. Without this knowledge and understanding and the possibility to experiment with our expanded perceptive abilities it is as if we go through life missing not just one sense, like vision or hearing, but eight additional senses.

Firstly, we are not using our own biological and spiritual superpower to its fullest conscious level. Secondly, we have no idea of the potential available to us when we learn to expand our perceptive abilities by including the full power of our bodies through the other eight sensory experiences that come with the activation of each Natural Number in the body.

When faced with the prevalent unconscious belief that we are all basically the same on a biological level, we are left to believe that it is our nurture, culture and experiences that make us unique. From there, we are left to conclude that who we are could somehow be improved if we could just be more like others or they, more like us.

This plants a seed within us from the outset that invites us to doubt ourselves, our abilities and our value. Our families, society, and systems further worsen the situation, continually reinforcing the concept that we can and should be “better” – smarter, more educated, more beautiful, sexier, kinder, more loving, the list goes on. Who we are at the level of our biological and spiritual Nature gets completely negated and lost – nurtured away into oblivion.

So we live our lives muted down to the lowest common denominator and our sparkle and shine disappears. We become self-centered, angry, arrogant, meek, judging, disappointed, afraid and shameful. Even if somehow we stumble on some methodology that awakens some aspect of who we are, it is rarely enough or sustainable. This is because it is missing the context of the whole – any piece of wisdom that you are presented with today is generally only one ninth of its whole possibility.

This means everything can make sense and have truth, but at the same time, almost nothing resonates fully or completely. It’s like we get little pieces of a puzzle of existence and the most important pieces are invisible, so we can never put it together. Furthering the puzzle analogy – Body of 9 is like the edge pieces of the puzzle that give you a framework for making sense of all the individual pieces of experience that can then come together to create a larger more vibrant picture that was hidden in the mess of all the individual pieces.

In reality, I am quite glad to know about the nine physiologically different kinds of people and to know that I can expand my awareness and shift my perspective by using my body. I am excited about the prospect of exploring beyond my current level of awareness and embrace the constant learning that this exploration offers.

It can feel like a big responsibility, to know this. But, in truth I don’t wish I didn’t see and know about the nine Natural Numbers and all that has been revealed through our research over the years. Rather, I embrace the challenge of sharing this widely and I am grateful for the journey this has sent me on.

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