Body of 9 Webinar – How Your Body Informs you

Do you struggle with Your Relationships?

The biggest struggle in relationships comes from miscommunication and misinterpretation of other people’s words and actions.  Body of 9 offers a context for understanding why and how this is true, and a path for making our relationships easier, more connected and engaged, and more authentic.  That is only one of the many benefits of understanding how your body informs you.  Join our webinar to find out more.

Each month we are offering a different topic.  January It’s All About You!  Check out the schedule:

Your body, how it moves, makes sense of experiences, takes in information is distinctly different from everyone in your family!

Learning about your Natural Number is an extraordinary tool for living a life of greater freedom, clarity, and purpose. By identifying your own operating system, you’ll have a new awareness of how to share your natural skills and gifts with the world. This webinar will be an interactive presentation about understanding how the Body of 9 will enable you to:

  • Connect more deeply with your inner self
  • Communicate more effectively with your family and friends
  • Work more cohesively with your coworkers
  • Find harmony and resilience in your romantic relationships
  • Pursue passions and careers that suit your unique gifts
  • Live your most authentic and inspired life

About The Co-Founders

Susan and Martin Fisher, Co-Founders of Body of 9, are fun and dynamic speakers, experts and thought leaders in Body of 9.  Together they offer 26 years study and research into the physiological presentation of our bodies, distilling detailed knowledge from their research on how our bodys are active in one of nine regions.  Knowing the active region, described as your Natural Number, tells you about How Your Body Informs you. Susan and Martin will introduce all the different ways to recognize how this shows up in the world around you – opening your awareness to new possibilities and an exciting self-awareness. 

Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin R. Fisher

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Natural Number 9 activation Exercise

Body of 9 Makes a Difference!

“This experience truly brought a new perspective of not only understanding oneself better, but how to better tap into our energy as a resource to further grow. We have the special gift of our own unique power center, ready to be awakened.”            Nicole, NN9 

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Jack Schwem, Natural Number 2
Jack Schwem

Jack Schwem

Jack brought his whole family and as many friends as would come to be Identified in 2017. This work immediately fascinated him, and he participated in most of the training Susan and Martin have offered since he got Identified. Jack progressed quickly, learning to activate all of the Natural Number regions over the course of his first year of training.

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Morten Nygård, Natural Number 3
Morten Nygård

Morten Nygård

Morten Nygård represents the Body of 9 in Europe. Morten has been working with Susan and Martin for 18 years, equally dedicated to developing the work of the Body of 9. He was identified as a Natural Number 3.

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Natural Number 7
Paolo Scoglio

Paolo Scoglio

Paolo Scoglio was identified in 2003 and studied alongside Susan Bennett Fisher to learn about Body of 9. He is a Certified Practitioner for Body of 9. Paolo is a licensed Psychotherpist, and Relationship Coach. He integrates his understanding of the nine Natural Numbers into his practice, identifying his clients.

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