Homework for Natural Number 3

  • Read
  • The chapter in both books on Natural Number3
  • A Natural Number 3 profile: Nolita
  • Look
  • At these Pinterest image sets: women and men
    • Study them for similarities and differences
    • Notice how they make you feel
    • How would you describe these faces
    • Make notes in your journal
  • If you meet of find someone that you think might be Natural Number 3, please take a few pics and bring them to show in class
  • Watch
  • Any videos you are interested in this Youtube Playlist, note timestamps where you see:
    • Any particular movements that express their Natural Number
    • A facial expression of activation
    • Other physical expressions of their Natural Number
  • Find other videos where you think someone is a Natural Number 3. Send Body of 9 the video link, time stamps, and what you see
  • Review the Natural Number 3 training videos here and here
  • Practice
  • At some point during the day:
    • Keep your awareness on menubrium
    • Lift the menubrium using the trapezius muscles and the pectoral muscles
    • If you lift your arms at shoulder height, locked out straight, palms together, push you hands together, and drop your shoulders
    • It is easier to lift at the menubrium from this position
    • Practice with your arms out until you are able to generate the lift in the upper sternum
    • Practice the smile in the mirror until you feel joy within yourself bubble up through the eyes
    • It has to be a full and complete smile, practice with and without your arms lifted

If you know someone that has Natural Number 3 please invite them to training class.

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Jack Schwem, Natural Number 2
Jack Schwem

Jack Schwem

Jack brought his whole family and as many friends as would come to be Identified in 2017. This work immediately fascinated him, and he participated in most of the training Susan and Martin have offered since he got Identified. Jack progressed quickly, learning to activate all of the Natural Number regions over the course of his first year of training.

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Morten Nygård, Natural Number 3
Morten Nygård

Morten Nygård

Morten Nygård represents the Body of 9 in Europe. Morten has been working with Susan and Martin for 18 years, equally dedicated to developing the work of the Body of 9. He was identified as a Natural Number 3.

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Natural Number 7
Paolo Scoglio

Paolo Scoglio

Paolo Scoglio was identified in 2003 and studied alongside Susan Bennett Fisher to learn about Body of 9. He is a Certified Practitioner for Body of 9. Paolo is a licensed Psychotherpist, and Relationship Coach. He integrates his understanding of the nine Natural Numbers into his practice, identifying his clients.

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