Homework for Natural Number 3

  • Read
  • The chapter in both books on Natural Number3
  • A Natural Number 3 profile: Nolita
  • Look
  • At these Pinterest image sets: women and men
    • Study them for similarities and differences
    • Notice how they make you feel
    • How would you describe these faces
    • Make notes in your journal
  • If you meet of find someone that you think might be Natural Number 3, please take a few pics and bring them to show in class
  • Watch
  • Any videos you are interested in this Youtube Playlist, note timestamps where you see:
    • Any particular movements that express their Natural Number
    • A facial expression of activation
    • Other physical expressions of their Natural Number
  • Find other videos where you think someone is a Natural Number 3. Send Body of 9 the video link, time stamps, and what you see
  • Review the Natural Number 3 training videos here and here
  • Practice
  • At some point during the day:
    • Keep your awareness on menubrium
    • Lift the menubrium using the trapezius muscles and the pectoral muscles
    • If you lift your arms at shoulder height, locked out straight, palms together, push you hands together, and drop your shoulders
    • It is easier to lift at the menubrium from this position
    • Practice with your arms out until you are able to generate the lift in the upper sternum
    • Practice the smile in the mirror until you feel joy within yourself bubble up through the eyes
    • It has to be a full and complete smile, practice with and without your arms lifted

If you know someone that has Natural Number 3 please invite them to training class.

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