Practicing Partner Program -Full Pay

  • We teach you how to describe, activate and support each of the Natural Numbers and certify that you can do this adequately to support your clients without our supervision or assistance.

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This program includes in-depth training program in all nine Natural Numbers.  It will be an immersive year-long program designed to give you a deep understanding of what it is like to live in each of the Natural Number activations. There will be group zoom calls, online study and all of our Fundamentals series:

  • Three (2 required) Fundamentals of Activation and Identification
  • Fundamentals of the Natural Numbers
  • Identification Training


Fundamentals of the Natural Numbers: $540
Fundamentals of Activation and Identification: $999
Practicing Partner Program for 1 year: $270/month, or $3240

Complete Program (all of the above): $4779

This is over 40 hours of training at a value of $6400. Room and Board at In-Person events are not included. Montana CEUs available.