From 2020 to 2021: A Letter From Susan and Martin

Dear Community, 

2020 was quite a year! Susan has been calling it the magical disappearing year, at least for us. It went by so fast, was so weird, and changed everything, while all we did was sit at home most of the time and talk with people on Zoom! 

We recognize that each of us has had our own unique experiences and challenges this year and we sincerely hope the balance for you was positive.  For us at Body of 9 what became clear almost immediately were these things 1) It is time to take Body of 9 out into the world on a larger scale and 2) to do this we needed to completely re-think our approach 3) it became even more important to publish our next book . 

Susan Bennett Fisher and Marting Fisher

What Happened In 2020

At the outset of COVID quarantine, we set about in earnest to complete the manuscript we had started in October of 2019.  Susan had made a commitment to a colleague, Markus Thorndike, NN2, who was also writing a book, to meet every day on Zoom and write. Martin involved himself in writing his sections of the book and editing for the big picture and completeness. By June the first edited draft of the book was complete. 

During this period Susan and Martin realized that they needed to look for other ways to Identify people’s Natural Numbers.  As Zoom calls became the norm, Susan realized that she could see the attributes of the Natural Numbers in people over Zoom.  She began identifying people online, with Martin’s help to see how effective the experience was.  With each successive experience, Susan and Martin honed the process which has now turned into 30-minute online Zoom Identifications for an individual or 1 hour for families/groups up to 5 people. 

The book and the Identification led Susan and Martin to another conclusion: it was time to evolve the brand and the language we used to describe this work to enable it to be heard and received by more people.  In order to reach the world on a large enough scale to have a significant impact, so that this context and system becomes part of our human conversation and can begin to develop on its own we needed to grow the organization, its resources, and its focus.  

We launched our new brand and website in September, and also published our book The Body of 9 – Decode Your Natural Physiology and Discover Your True Self. Since the launch, we have been developing more resources to support you. We expanded our team and consciously included all nine Natural Numbers in the design process.  Now our dedicated team is a subset of the nine, but we pull those resources in when we need them.  The Universe seems to think that our 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 team is the base.  So we are not just the Susan and Martin Show anymore – we are Wendi, NN2, Meg, NN4, Martin, Jamie and Alan, NN5, Susan NN6 and Paolo, NN7.  We are Body of Nine, with a growing team.  And we are super grateful to all who have contributed to the growth, understanding, and development of this work. 

What’s Up for 2021

In this process we also recognized that Body of 9 is a context, it is a modality, but it is also a lifestyle.  The first step is to get Identified, then to dig in and learn about what that means for you – the modality part.  Once you have a solid understanding of your personal magic, your Natural Number and its skills gifts, and values, then you are ready to understand yourself within the context of the whole.  Where does your Natural Number fit into the context, and how can you contribute most effectively? 

The lifestyle piece is about developing practices, community, and holding this within your daily awareness to enable you to explore and expand your perceptive abilities beyond where they are now. In our research and in our own personal evolution it has become obvious to Martin and me that so much more is possible for each of us when we understand what part of us in our Nature – our Natural Number, our active region, our super-power – and what part is nurture. If you know us, you have likely heard Martin say “Don’t disbelieve!”  By this, he means we are not asking you to accept what we say or believe it outright. We invite you into the exploration of this possibility, this context, to see what might be true and available.  And we ask you to stay open to what that might be. 

We invite you in 2021 to join us on the Journey of Possibility and personal growth and to explore what might be available for us as human beings. 

There is one final point that we wish to make as we close out 2020 and welcome 2021: You are 1/9th of the whole – your wisdom is vital, critical to having complete understanding, and it is one part of the whole.  This makes a delicate balance in the importance of providing your wisdom, giving your gift, and then letting go of where the community takes your contribution within the whole. It is a different way of looking at how you fit in, how important you are, and how to be of the greatest impact and highest good. 

We love you!  We are excited for you to explore all the incredible resources we have available for you to begin your lifestyle practices and development of you as the gift you are. Join us on the Journey! 

Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin R. Fisher 

Co-Founders of Body of 9

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