Natural Number Identification provides a deep acknowledgement of who your are. It shines light on the innate power that comes with your body.  It explains the differences between you and your family and provides a path to understanding and connection. It launches you on a pathway of discovery where you learn to lead and be from your most authentic self. See our Stories to understand how powerfully knowing your Natural Number impacts people’s lives.  It’s so much more powerful that a personality model because it come from your body, and provides access to positive strengths and skills through your body. Watch the video below to get a sense what an Identification expreience looks like.  Yours will be similar – but completely unique and tailored to suit your body and way of being.

Family or Group Identification: Same as Private Personal Identification, for up to 5 related family or group members. Duration 1 hour, Cost $199/session

Zoom Call with Susan Bennett Fisher

Wonder Why You Get Mis-Understood at Work?

Experience this Ground-Breaking new Identification System in Your Workgroup

  • Understanding the motivation, skills, talents of your team changes and enhances the working dynamics of your group.
  • Everyone benefits, with improved communication and a deeper understanding of where each person comes from, what they care about, and how they work.
  • This understanding when integrated into an organization leads to loyalty, productivity, and positivity.

We have experienced great success in working with businesses, non-profit organizations, management teams, and sports teams. 

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