What Happens If You Don’t Enjoy the Experience or Identify with what You have been told?

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The physical hand-to-hand Identification Process has it’s challenges.  There are times when the facilitator does not correctly identify the Natural Number.  When this happens most people involved are not happy with the experience.  When your Natural Number is activated, and then made stronger through the facilitation it can move you to a new level of activation – like when the space shuttle is jettisoned into orbit – at first it takes a great deal of power to move it beyond the force field of gravity, but once in orbit it takes very little energy to keep it going, moving or changing.

So is it with the activation of your Natural Number.  Once the body has consciousness of it’s activation, it begins a journey to a place where it is no longer held bound by the inertia of not knowing how it is powered.  This journey generally feels good.

The Identification Process considers many factors: face shape, eye quality, muscular hold around the mouth, body shape and tone, energetic signature.  In the Identification process all factors must be considered.  The identifier is taking all of this information into account.  If the Identifier allows their ideas or thoughts to override the information they are getting through their bodies too early in the process it is relatively easy to miss important information.  When this happens and a conclusion is drawn before a full activation has happened, then it is easy to make a mistake. The rational mind has attachment to being right, to “knowing”.  The process of identifying a person’s Natural Number happens only when the rational mind is not in control.

Judgement keeps us in control. Judgement is not discernment or decision making. It is placing yourself above or below someone else. You can’t just get rid of judgement, it has to be replaced. When you replace judgement with love and compassion you fill the void. This frees you to connect to your intuitive self .

When one person offers love to another openly without attachment or expectation, then the “seeing” or identification of the energy can happen.  “Trying”  does not work.  The state that must be attained to support a person’s identification is of total openness, complete body awareness, and vulnerable spiritual availability.

Once the connection is made, then time has to be given to allow the discernment of what is happening in the connection.  The body needs to be allowed to “recognize” the energy signature.  If the mind kicks-in at this point a misidentification can happen.

For those of you who we have identified there is a deep sense of bi-directional connection and gratitude associated with the experience, an ease, a sense of coming home, of being seen at place we are rarely, if ever seen.
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When we mis-identify, we are typically met with an intellectual rationalization of the possibility, the mind immediately starts to look for ways what we say might be true or false.  Unless you receive a fully supportive physical experience where a deep  and new connection happens, you will most likely be unhappy at some level, after the experience.

There are times when we mis-identify a person, but along the way we still make this deep multi-dimensional connection. Our mind mis-interprets what has happened, we assign the wrong energy.  These situations are interesting because these people often stick around with us and eventually we recognize the mislabeling and move to a deeper understanding, seeing the person in subsequent interactions and getting the energy signature right.

This is one of the reasons we encourage you to tell us if you are not happy, or you don’t understand what we have said, or it just doesn’t feel quite right.  Once we work with you we look at as much other evidence as possible to make sure there is consistency in all aspects of your being.  Friend us on Facebook, we’ll look at your photos to be sure we see your active energy.  Stay in touch.  Keep the dialogue open.

When mistakes are made, the person being identified is usually unhappy.  They have not been seen.  If the facilitator still stays with the same reading after working with the person thoroughly, then it is wise to have the person go and sleep on the experience, and come back for further research later.  They may need some variation in the description of the Natural Number that more suits their personal experiences, or they may need to allow their body to make sense of the experience.

People who have just been identified need to sleep on the experience before their mind can truly catch up with the Identification experience.

We do our best to hold a place of non-attachment during the process.  We are also learning and growing with each experience of identifying a person’s Natural Number.   So we might have missed you 6 months ago because we had never experienced your energy in the way that you present it.  The universe seems to be providing us experiences with the energies in large doses.  Thank you to all of you for your willingness to be our teachers on this magical journey.


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