Why do people keep coming back?

Body of 9 Advanced Training GroupI was asked by a person who recently came to a Body of 9 Event why people keep coming back to Body of 9 Gatherings after they know their own Natural Number.

People keep coming back  for so many reasons:

  • They come back to practice feeling their own strength again.
  • They come to learn how to activate the other 8 Natural Numbers.  Activating the other eight Natural Numbers teacher you about your own Natural Number, to understand it’s gift and to how different it is from other.  It also helps you relate better to other people, the more you know about the others the easier it is to hear them and accept their wisdom rather than fight their differences.
  • People also come back for the community.  Witnessing a person being activated, and seeing how they become more and more of themselves, and get calmer and more present week to week is magical, people like being part of this.  And the act of witnessing each week is magical in itself.
I am sure there are more reasons people come back, and they bring friends to grow their own circle of people with an understanding of themselves and others.
All are welcome – maybe that is part of it too.

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