How Does Make-up, Photoshop and Plastic Surgery Obscure our Natural Number?

Makeup Hides the Expression of Your Natural Number

Make up (and photoshop) has a powerful effect on our ability to identify the Natural Numbers in the world around us. Here are some examples.

If you look at the image of Taylor Swift, Natural Number 7. The use of makeup in the image on the right transforms her into the more classic mainstream definition of beauty. But it hides the qualities of her Facial Expression of Activation. In the image on the left you see the infinite quality to the eyes of Natural Number 7, in the image on the right the use of makeup and perhaps photoshop obscures our ability to recognize the energetic signature of Natural Number 7.

Eye makeup can make the eyes look more like the connector eye, those of Natural Number 1,2,3,4.  It highlights the eye in such a way as to change how visible and vibrant it looks.

Image from Getty Images found at this link

Taylor Swift Natural Number 7
This happens all the time. When we look for good examples of the facial expressions of activation of public figures, we sometimes have to weed through hundreds of images to find one that shows the facial expression of the Natural Number in an authentic way. Posing, mugging, make-up, the desire to “look-good” in our photo face keeps us from revealing and sharing our true beauty.

The Facial Expressions of Activation are truly beautiful and powerful, when we see one we stop and take it in. The ideal of beauty promoted in the media hides our true beauty.

I have made a personal decision to eliminate my use of makeup and to wear my facial expression of Activation by keeping my awareness on my Natural Number Area of Activation and on my postural alignment to share my most beautiful self with the world around me. No more posing for me!

Post by Susan Fisher, Natural energy 6

Plastic Surgery Can completely Obscure the Expression of Natural Number

Joan Rivers Active Energy 6, and many other Actors and Actresses have received so much surgery that you can no longer see their Facial Expression of Activation. In these shots, after the plastic surgery, only the eyes still show the Natural Number 6:

Joan Rivers Before and After Plastic Surgery

Joan Eivers Natural Number 6 Before surgery
Joan Eivers Natural Number 6 Before surgery

Kate Winslet with heavy and light Makeup – Her natural Expression of Activation is much clearer in the image without heavy Makeup.

Kate Winslet without Makeup
Kate Winslet with Makeup

Look at Scarlett Johanssons eyes with and without Makeup – the makeup changes the look of her eyes to hide the Natural Number 9 quality in the eyes.

Scarlett Johansson without Makeup
Scarlett Johansson with Makeup

And here is a with/without Makeup image of singer Colbie Caillat, Natural Number 9 – Not the best photo, but again illustrative of how Makeup totally changes what we see:
Colbie Caillat NE9 with and without Makeup


And here is Victoria Principal, Natural Number 3 before and after plastic surgery.  After the surgery you can no longer tell that she has Natural Number 3.  He eyes are muted, the energy from her smile doesn’t go up into her cheekbones, the change to the facial structure obscures the beauty of her Natural Number.


Victoria Princiapl before and after plastic surgery

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