Why is Activating Your Natural Number Important?

Activating Your Natural Number enables your Cosmic Genius
We have recently been working on verbalizing the purpose and benefits of Body of 9 and have had an insights that are allowing a new understanding to crystalize.

Body of 9 Identification Starts a Growth Process

The experience of Identification of your Natural Number turns on your observer which allows you to see and then change your behavior. The activation of your observer comes from the postural change and energetic activation. Once you are made aware of this change and how to create it for yourself you can energize your observer whenever you want, even in difficult and stressful times.  We like to call this accessing your Cosmic Genius.  This is what happens in the initiation experience of Identification.

Practice activating one’s Natural Number enables people to use the Cosmic Genius to examine unconscious beliefs that affect behavior choices.  It provides a fast way to recover when we are triggered by emotions that keep us from responding in alignment with this Cosmic Genius.  If we have learned coping mechanisms that are not natural to us, we are able to see and change them returning to our core nature.

This is the first step in the practice of becoming present – activate your body to activate your observer.

Learning about the other Eight Natural Numbers Cultivates Your Awareness, Acceptance and Presence

Once one’s own Natural Number is activated, learning to activate the others begins to add new perceptive abilities. It increases your understanding and awareness of your own Natural Number. It prepares you to receive the others as the gift that they are.  Cultivating your body’s abilities open possibilities that are hard to imagine without experiencing.

To find out more come to a Cultivation or Exploration Event.

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