Body of 9 Partners

Body of 9 partners with Coaches, Holistic Practitioners, and Seekers

Certified Partners

Our Certified Practitioners have learned to activate all nine Natural Numbers at will, they have learned how to use the Body of 9 Identification process to determine your Natural Number and they are certified to teach and support you about your Natural Number.  They have also learned how to integrate Body of 9 into their lives and practices.

Jack Schwem, Natural Number 2

Jack Schwem

Jack brought his whole family and as many friends as would come to be Identified in 2017. This work immediately fascinated him, and he participated in most of the training Susan and Martin have offered since he got Identified. Jack progressed quickly, learning to activate all of the Natural Number regions over the course of his first year of training.

Morten Nygård, Natural Number 3

Morten Nygård

Morten Nygård represents the Body of 9 in Europe. Morten has been working with Susan and Martin for 18 years, equally dedicated to developing the work of the Body of 9. He was identified as a Natural Number 3.

Natural Number 7

Paolo Scoglio

Paolo Scoglio was identified in 2003 and studied alongside Susan Bennett Fisher to learn about Body of 9. He is a Certified Practitioner for Body of 9. Paolo is a licensed Psychotherapist, and Relationship Coach. He integrates his understanding of the nine Natural Numbers into his practice, identifying his clients.

Partners in Certification

Our Practitioners  in this program are learning to activate all nine Natural Numbers at will and working toward certification to teach and support you about your Natural Number.  They are also learning how to integrate Body of 9 into their lives and practices.

Alan Kantor

Alan Kantor

Alan Kantor was initially identified in 1998 and had a deeper experience with the system in 2003 as part of a leadership training program. In 2014 he reconnected with Susan and has been engaging with the Body of 9 ever since.

Alan is a certified coach through CTI (as a CPCC) and has explored a variety of personal development programs both prior to and since. He trained as a ropes course facilitator (as a result of his experience as a participant in the leadership program) and found that knowing his natural number was very helpful in working with people in that context.

Alan Kantor

Amy Lloyd

I was first identified as Natural Number 9 in 2017 and reconnected with the Body of 9 in 2022 to join the Certification program.  Learning my Natural Number has empowered me to ‘own’ my natural talents like never before.  I have also been able to navigate challenges unapologetically and honor who I am in this world. As an Empowerment Coach, the Body of 9 helps shortcut my clients transformation in reconnecting with themselves instantly!

Alan Kantor

Jamie Hawley

As a marketing professional, it is my ultimate goal to understand and anticipate what others are thinking / needing. I was identified as a Natural Number 5 in 2019 and it has been life-changing ever since. It has provided me with the validation I have been searching for, and it has made me truly love myself.

This certification process is extremely enlightening because it has taught me how there are 9 different ways to perceive “marketing strategies”. We all communicate very differently! With this knowledge, I am able to assist clients even more effectively with their marketing campaigns and it has made me stand out!

Body of 9 Co-Founders
Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher

Susan and Martin Fisher recognize that they cannot work individually with enough people to get this information out into the world on their own. As a result they have chosen to partner with Coaches, Therapists and Holistic Practitioners – people who are already committed to having a positive impact.  Integrating the knowledge and practices of Body of 9 into the tools already mastered super-charges and focuses the impact.  Everyone benefits!

Do you feel the call, the body-level knowing that this information will make a difference?  Then become our Body of 9 partner and we will do this together!

Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher

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