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Robin Owens: NN6, Ph.D. & CEO; Marketing Partner, Uncertified

Robin Owens: NN6, Ph.D. & CEO; Marketing Partner, Uncertified

Robin Owens Ph.D., CEO & Founder of MASTERFUL Courses Creations Body of 9 Uncertified Natural Number 6 Robin L. Owens, Ph.D., is the founder & CEO of MASTERFUL Course Creations, LLC. She is also an author,speaker, and college professor. Outside of the...

Certification Levels:

Uncertified: People who have chosen to improve their lives professionally and personally. They are committed to integrating Body of 9 into their personal lives and improving their business. They do this with our referral program and are actively engaged in our community.

Certified Trainee: The ability to identify with assistance and supervision. You have an 85% accuracy rate over time in your practice events. You have input all your practice identifications into the Body of 9 database.

Certified Practitioner: The ability to talk, activate and identify without assistance and supervision. You have achieved a 95% accuracy rate in your practice events. And you have shown mastery in all Communication, Activation and Identification Competencies.

Certified Teacher: You have shown mastery as a Certified Practitioner and are able to teach Body of 9 to other people.

Body of 9 Co-Founders
Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher

Susan and Martin Fisher recognize that they cannot work individually with enough people to get this information out into the world on their own. As a result they have chosen to partner with Coaches, Therapists and Holistic Practitioners – people who are already committed to having a positive impact.  Integrating the knowledge and practices of Body of 9 into the tools already mastered super-charges and focuses the impact.  Everyone benefits!

Do you feel the call, the body-level knowing that this information will make a difference?  Then become our Body of 9 partner and we will do this together!

Susan Bennett Fisher and Martin Fisher